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Lotus Pavilion – Macquarie Park Cemetery

  • Sector
    Community & Faith
  • Client
    Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
  • Date Completed
  • Budget

The Lotus Pavilion concept has been developed as a simple retreat to provide a sanctuary for members of the Hindu and Buddhist communities  to mourn the loss as well as celebrating the journey of life. It is intended as a place for contemplation and religious gathering.

This unique Pavilion structure is set amongst the trees and in natural clearings on the fringe of the National Park to the east of the crematorium complex.

The outer layer of landscaped surrounds will, particularly as they mature, provide privacy as well as engage the senses. A simple lotus pond to the southern edge of the Pavilion completes the outer layer of the design narrative with the tranquility of running water.

The Lotus Pavilion ‘haven’ is a visually simple roof structure that is lightly resting on the capitals of the precast columns. The neutral materials selected create a warm, rich and tactile environment where they support and complement the music, colour and aromas of the ceremony.

Developed on the nine square proportion, the plan provides flexibility of orientation for differing religious communities. Drop down screens enable the space to be adapted to suit specific uses as well as changes in the weather.

Aesthetically and from a sensory point of view this will be a pure, tranquil and engaging place in which visitors can experience the appropriate sacredness.