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Wenona Woodstock Infants School

  • Sector
  • Client
    Wenona Girls School
  • Date Completed
    January 2011
  • Budget
    $5 million

“…the architects and designers at Gardner Wetherill and Associates have ensured that the final product has delivered the vision of a truly inspirational facility for teaching and learning of Wenona’s youngest of learners.” Julie Collier (Coordinator of Infants, Wenona)

Woodstock is the new Infants facility on the Wenona School campus, designed as a contemporary addition to existing heritage listed houses. It is a “place for pre K – Year 2 teaching and learning with an emphasis on care, curiosity and community”. The design is based on the School’s philosophy that is “…best described as a combination of the elements of Reggio Emilia, child centred teaching and high quality ‘care and nurture’ practice.”.

Incorporating heritage listed houses with a contemporary addition, whilst initially considered challenging, proved to be beneficial to the successful realisation of the requirements of the School’s desired learning environments. The three houses were stripped out completely, to open up the spaces for studio-like classrooms. To overcome the limitation of each house being at differing levels to each other, a connection with the new piazza space was achieved with an exciting child-friendly circulation area.

The houses allowed the individual classrooms to have a home-like feel, as their familiar nature and sense of scale helps ease the transition from home to ‘institution’, for infant children. The new roof terrace, large internal ‘piazza’ play area and an adjacent ground level terrace have created a series of new indoor and outdoor play areas, that allow all infant students to gather, learn and perform and are practical for parents to visit and interact with their children.